The goal of Feminine Peace, a branch of the SHAMIM non-governmental organization, is to clarify the misinformation on feminine attributes and to educate men on the benefits of empowering women in order to cause a shift in gender roles.

The premise of Feminine Peace is deeply rooted in scientific and theological evidence that supports the need for feminine governance and societal participation based on the unique traits of women.

What mystical teachings have claimed for centuries is today confirmed by modern science: Women are superior to men in most ways. This means we must prioritize and exploit these qualities for a greater good of society, and to the benefit of men in particular. Even though culture and the education play significant roles in how gender manifests, biology is the main determinant of feminine attributes. More specifically, the biological attributes, namely the chromosomes, genes, neurohypophysial hormones, her superior sense of smell, greater activity in 85% of her brain and her interhemispheric connection are the main reason for the uniqueness of the feminine attributes.

There are no gender quotas in the animal kingdom, the leader of a pack is always female.

The lioness goes hunting to sustain her family and not out of aggression. She is able to hunt under the cover of darkness. She protects another lioness’s cub the same as she’d protect or endanger her own. She moves with purpose, aware that the survival of their pride depends on her legacy of skill and strength. The Lionesses rely on cooperative strategies and hunt in packs. They even groom each other after their hunt.

From Kabbalah to the Jewish Talmud to the Islamic Hadith, we can observe the theological sources that link global peace and final redemption essentially with role and status of women.

“If you want to understand God, understand a woman first. Good Luck!”

– R. B.

Through Feminine Peace, we aim to demonstrate the differences between the male female brain with regard to leadership through the use of various educational materials; we wish to advocate, through men, the need for new power dynamics between the sexes, whether it be in politics, civil society, the workforce, or other global and local institutions.

Just as the moon brings stability to the earth’s tilt, so too, women will bring stability to our lives.

The darkness becomes colorful to our eyes only when we light a candle; by illuminating, you see the light and the darkness. God created the moon as the primary source of night light of the skies, illuminating the world at night. In the same manner, women are created to lighten the world in times of darkness. Just as the moon brings stability to the earth’s tilt, so too, women will bring stability to our lives. The menstrual cycle of women is associated with the cycle of the moon, whose phases repeat and repeat. The final phase contains the knowledge of the preceding ones.

Feminine Peace hopes to encourage this realization by educating men not only about the benefits to their community as a whole, but also to them personally as heads of households, life partners, and fathers.

“You can light a candle in a darkroom, but you can’t bring darkness in a room full of light.”


As part of the SHAMIM family, Feminine Peace is just one component of the journey toward universal harmony. Visit #LetMyPeopleLight to learn about the next step on our path and follow the hashtag for daily information and inspiration.

“The brains of our leaders determine our lives and the lives of our progeny.”

-R. B.

Our additional sister movements serve to buttress what has been described in Feminine Peace. Gender Harmony, for example, shows how spiritual harmony benefits the individual by putting women in positions of power while maintaining men’s authority. FemoCratia explains the benefits of altered governance based on the changes suggested by Gender Harmony. Finally, CSW demonstrates the necessity for these changes on a global scale and propels this change with a petition to change the status of women through the U.N. and eradicate current “equality” movements.

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